Iran: ballistic missile tests show ‘deterrence power’

Iran fired ballistic missiles Tuesday as part of drills to show the country’s “deterrence power,” Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said, according to state news.

The Revolutionary Guard said the missile tests exhibits Iran’s “full readiness to confront all kinds of threats against the Revolution, establishment and territorial integrity.”

Tuesday’s Press TV report said the firing of missiles from “silo-based launchers” around Iran were “the final stage of large-scale missile drills.” It mentioned a test last October of a new precision-guided, long-range missile known as the Emad – a liquid propelled rocket with a 1,050 mill range – which would put it within in reach of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The missile tests have stirred fears that Iran could fit the missiles with nuclear warheads, weaponry that Tehran insists it does not possess.

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan told Press TV the Emad missile is a conventional weapon. And Foreign Minister Javad Zarif insisted that Iran doesn’t have any missiles that could carry nuclear warheads.