Mississippi governor endorses Ted Cruz

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Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for president, saying Cruz is the GOP candidate who can unite the Republican Party.

“It’s time for Republicans to join together and unite the party for the good of our state and our nation,” Bryant said. “I urge my fellow Mississippians to join me in standing behind Ted Cruz tomorrow.”

After two wins on Super Saturday, Bryant’s endorsement could help Cruz in another souther state before the GOP primaries move to states with more moderate voters.

Cruz split victories on Saturday’s contests with Trump, which helped the senator case the gap as he positions himself to be the viable anti-Trump alternative. He currently trails Trump by 84 delegates.

There has been little polling in Mississippi, but a recent survey showed Trump leading Cruz by double digits. Republicans will go to the polls on Tuesday in Hawaii, Idaho, and Michigan.