Rubio drops out of the race for the Republican nomination

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Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida) dropped out of the Republican presidential race on Tuesday after losing his home state to Donald Trump.

“This is the right way forward for our party, for our country,” Rubio told supporters in Miami. “But after tonight, it’s clear that while we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side.”

“While this may not have been the year for a hopeful or optimistic message about our future, I still remain hopeful and optimistic about America,” he added.

Rubio had a very disappointing finish to in his home state and ended his campaign which never delivered on its potential. The loss raises questions about his political future, especially as he returns to the Senate as a lame-duck senator.

Rubio launched his campaign 11 months ago with high hopes and the theme of a “New American Century.” Rubio was the seen as the favorite among the conservative media pundits and the Republican establishment.

He was shortly seen as the establishment favorite after former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush dropped out of the race.

Rubio suffered from his support for the Gang of 8 immigration reform bill and stumbled in the Republican debate before the New Hampshire primary.