Sanders will stay in “till the last vote is counted”

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he will stay in the race “until the last vote is counted.”

“Well, we’re going to stay in until the last vote is counted, and that will be in the primary in Washington, D.C.,” Sanders told NPR’s “Morning Edition” in an interview that aired Thursday.

Sanders trails Clinton among delegates and super delegates and would need landslide victories in the remaining primaries to win the nomination. He has admitted that his path to the nomination has become “narrow” but pointed to his upset victories in states like Indiana on Tuesday as proof of his momentum.

“I think we’ve got some good victories coming. So we are in this race until the very last vote is cast,” Sander said. “The path to victory is to do extremely well in the remaining states and as you indicate, California, of course is the largest state and we hope to do very well there and win the state.”

Clinton has 1, 683 pledged delegates to Sanders’s 1,362, according to the Associated Press. Clinton has 522 super delegates to Sanders’s 39 which significantly increases her lead. Democrats need 2,383 delegates to clinch the nomination.

Sanders told NPR that he will try to convince super delegates to support him rather than Clinton.

At a press conference last Sunday, Sanders said he is the best candidate to defeat presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“I think that in those states where we have won landslide victories, those delegates should reflect the wishes of the people in their state and give us their vote,” Sanders said.

“And then I think we have to go make the case that the super delegates, who are in many cases, were on board for Hillary Clinton even before I got in the race, that they should take a hard look at which candidate is stronger against Donald Trump. And I think we can make that case.”