Trump easily wins Washington Republican primary

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Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, easily won the Washington Republican primary. Facing no opposition, the Republican front-runner marched closer earning the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.  

The final five states will cast their votes on June 7. After the final primaries there will bea six-week lull before the Republicans convene in Cleveland, Ohio to formally nominate the Republican candidate for president.

Prior to Tuesday’s election, the Washington state GOP convention elected 40 (out of the 41 delegate spots available) Cruz supporters as delegates to the national convention.

Sensing concerns among voters following similar delegate maneuvers, the Party leaders issued a statement on Monday urging voters to turn out.

“While the delegates were elected this weekend at the state convention, their personal preferences will not be considered. Instead, YOU the Primary voter will decide,” the party said in its statement.

Had the convention became a contested , the delegates’ preferences would have had a significant impact. However, they can influence the shaping of the party’s platform and rules that will govern the GOP nominating contest in 2020.