Poll: Clinton, Sanders virtually tied in California

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Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are virtually tied in California, according to a new poll. 

Clinton has 46 percent support compared to Sanders’s 44 percent, according to The Public Policy Institute of California survey released Wednesday. Clinton’s lead grows when the results are filtered down to registered Democrats.

California’s June 7 contest is an open primary, meaning many voters who are not registered Democrats can participate. 475 pledged delegates are at stake in that primary.

There is a slight gender gap among support with Sanders receiving more support from men and Clinton receiving more support from women.

Clinton’s campaign declined Sanders’ call to face off in another debate before the California primary. Sanders said the move was “a little bit insulting,” but added he that he was not surprised by the move.

Despite the fact that Clinton has a significant lead among both pledged delegates and super delegates, Sanders has vowed to keep fighting until the Democratic National Convention this summer.