Homeland Security Chairman blasts Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigrants

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During a roll out of the House GOP’s national security plan, Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) dismissed Donald Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants.

“You can’t ban an entire race or religion from coming into the country,” McCaul said.

“There are ways to properly vet [without the] swath of a ban,” he said. “What you need is a proper vetting system… Target the threat, and properly vet and make sure they don’t come in.”

McCaul’s comments highlight policy the differences between the House Republicans and the presumptive presidential nominee. Thursday’s national security plan rollout  is part of a House initiative to introduce policy proposals that are alternatives to Trump’s proposals on the campaign trial.

Following a string a terrorist attacks across Europe and in San Bernardino, Calif., Trump proposed banning all Muslim immigrants from entering the country.

McCaul blasted Trump’s proposal and suggest that it could help terrorist recruiters. “We have to be careful in our rhetoric … because that can inflame the Muslim community and help their efforts,” he said.

The Chairman said he hopes Trump will read the proposals – called “Better Way Forward.”

“We’re going to advise. And this “Better Way Forward” is a document to advise our House Republicans … We hope the nominee will read this as well,” he said.

The document emphasizes and improving border security, and preventing terrorists from coming to the U.S.