Trump will decide on his VP pick in “next three to four days”

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Donald Trump said on Monday that he expects to decide on his vice presidential pick within the “next three to four days,” and that he is leaning toward a “political pick” rather than a “military” one.

“I have five people, including the general,” Trump said referencing retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, according to The Washington Post.

“I do like the military, but I do very much like the political,” Trump said. Recently speculation has focused on Flynn, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

A report by The Washington Times said there is a “95 percent probability” that Trump will pick Pence as his running mate. Speculation around Pence increased after Trump met with Pence and his family last week.

Pence has a Friday filing deadline to run for reelection as governor.

“I will make my mind up over the next three to four days. In my mind, I have someone that would be really good,” Trump added.

In his meeting with The Washington Post, Trump was careful to not eliminate Flynn but said that he believes picking someone “political” is the right move. He said he feels that he does not need as much help on the military or national security front.

“I have such great respect for the general, but believe it or not that will be one of my strong suits,” he said. “I was against the war in Iraq from the start,” he added.

Trump said he feels that two anti-establishment candidates would not be helpful in unifying the party. “I don’t need two antiestablishment people” he said.

“Someone respected by the establishment and liked by the establishment would be good for unification. I do like the unification of the Republican Party.”