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The Democratic Rules Committee voted in favor of a major shift in the super-delegate system Saturday night after a deal was reached between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters.

The committee nearly unanimously approved an amendment that preserves the current super-delegate role for elected U.S. lawmakers and governors, but will bind the remaining delegates – nearly two-thirds – to primary and caucus results.

The new rule, which still needs to be approved by the DNC, won’t take effect until the next presidential election.


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he saved Sen. Ted Cruz from being “ripped” off the stage during his speech at the Republican National Convention.

When it became clear that Cruz would not endorse Trump, Cruz was loudly booed by the crowd of delegates. Trump then entered the room drawing the attention of the press and applause from delegates and guests in the arena.

“You know what, he’s lucky I did it,” Trump said in an interview with Bloomberg published Saturday. “I walked in and the arena went crazy. Because there’s great unity in the Republican Party and people don’t know it. Had I not walked in, I think that audience would have ripped him off the stage. I think I did him a big favor.”

ISIS has claimed responsibility for killing dozens of people during a peaceful demonstration in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday.

At least 80 people were killed and more than 260 others were wounded.

Two ISIS fighters detonated their suicide belts in the crowd of protesters and a third was killed by security forces.