DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz booed as she speaks to Florida delegation

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was repeatedly interrupted and booed on Monday as she spoke to the Florida delegation.

The Florida congresswoman, who announced she will resign from her position at the DNC in response to controversy surrounding a release of emails that showed top members of the DNC tried to help Hillary Clinton’s primary bid, was drowned out by protestors who showed up to heckle her.

“We need to make sure we move together in a unified way,” she said over the shouts from the crowd.”

As she spoke, people held up signs that said “emails,” “No!,” “Thanks for the ‘help,” Debbie.” Others shouted “Shame.”

The protestors continue to shout even when Wasserman Schultz mentioned last night’s shooting in Fort Meyers, Florida that left two dead and more than a dozen injured.

“We know the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, that’s not the florida we know. The Florida we know is united, the Florida we know will continue to create jobs,” she said as she addressed the protestors.

The scene raised questions about the wisdom of having Wasserman Schultz gavel the convention in and out. She is scheduled to speak to the delegates and many in the DNC fear she will be interrupted again but on a much larger scale.