The Bradlo View: Tears For The Lost Revolution

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As Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke last night many of his supporters were crying as they listened to him explain why they should support Hillary Clinton.

My initial reaction when I saw people crying was “grow up,” but then I took a step back. They weren’t just crying because Sanders lost. They were crying because they lost their voice, their champion.

Sanders’ campaign was based on listening to the desires of people and actually proposing what they wanted. He has been talking about these same issues for years which gave him credibility with voters — as opposed to so many candidates who pander.

Sanders was a candidate people believed could make a difference because he did not receive millions of dollars from big donors rather 8 million donations averaging $27, and he is not part of the political establishment.

Last night signaled that his historic campaign was over and that voters now have to choose between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Sanders was urging his supporters to elect a candidate who they don’t believe will fight for the legislation that Sanders was proposing. Hillary Clinton is part of the political establishment and received hundreds of thousands of dollars from big banks and big donors which only makes it harder for Sanders supporters to trust her.

Not only that but the recent DNC email hack revealed that the system is rigged and their chance to fight political corruption was killed by the system.

His supporters are now being urged to support a candidate who will continue the same polices as President Obama and keep the country on the same path. Some people think it’s on the right path, but recent polls indicate that the majority of Americans think it’s going in the wrong direction.

I believe that Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump would make a difference in this country because they are free to propose what they feel is right. They have no pressure to bend to any special interest’s will. The only special interest they have to care about is the American people. That’s the way our government was supposed to be.

Last night Sanders supporters realized that their voice was gone and they were going to have to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

For them that is a painful choice: Hillary Clinton is progressive and says she will fight for what they believe in, but they don’t trust her and many Republicans and Sanders supporters think she’s corrupt. Trump is the outsider and is not controlled by anyone, but Democrats are very concerned about his temperament, rhetoric, and proposals.

As a political science major, I don’t like to see so many young people so passionately involved in this election cycle feel let down. I enjoyed seeing so many people involved and interested in the election and I feel bad for the first those who thought they were going to make a difference and now feel that they fought for nothing.

Unfortunately, the current political system wins for itself at whatever cost. This was the election cycle that could’ve broken that system and if it fails, I don’t know when there will be another one like it.