Trump to Megyn Kelly ‘Please get your facts straight’

Trump reignited his feud with Megyn Kelly on Tuesday night, after the Fox News host questioned his strategy to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

“He’s talking about, you know, bombing the oil fields, you know, so that he can decimate ISIS’ money source, but then sort of reversed that later,” Kelly said. “And he’s more hawkish traditionally but seems to be pursuing more of the Obama agenda that’s been, you know, controversial at least back here at home.”

Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard said Trump’s plan is not clear, “It’s hard to figure out exactly where Donald Trump is on a lot of these issues.”

“He’s been for ground troops to fight ISIS. He’s been against group troops to fight ISIS,” Hayss said. “He uses expletives to describe what he’s going to do to ISIS, and I think that gives people a sense that he’s strong and would take the fight to them, but he hasn’t really detailed how.”

On Wednesday morning, Trump responded to comments from Vice President Joe Biden about Trump’s strategy to fight ISIS.