Trump campaign expects polls to even out in two weeks




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Donald Trump’s campaign manager says recent polls showing the Republican presidential nominee slipping were “expected,” and predicted they will even out this month.

“We feel like in another week or so the polls are going to even out,” Paul Manafort said Thursday on “CBS This Morning,” adding, “We had a bounce, we knew the Democrats would have a bounce.”

“In two weeks, we think that’s going to even out if we’re going out there on our message, which we will be,” he said. “We don’t plan on winning in August. We plan on winning in November.”

Hillary Clinton has led Trump in the past 10 national polls of the presidential race tracked by RealClearPolitics. Clinton received a 7-point post-convention bounce last week.

Trump has faced fierce criticism in recent days after he criticized the parents of a fallen Muslim American solder, and refused to endorse Speak Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin).

Republicans are urging him to return to his message and focus on attacking Clinton and stop lashing out at people who attack him.

Manafort said “there’s plenty of time” for Trump to make up lost ground in the race and added the team would being aggressively campaigning this month. Manafort said the campaign was “comfortable about where we are organizationally.”

“What we’re not comfortable with is the narrative that the media seems to be taking, which is building a story line that the Democrats are controlling the race,” he said.

Manafort also said Trump plans on supporting Speaker Ryan, “He’s going to support Paul Ryan, he does support Paul Ryan. He’s going to work with Paul Ryan. There’s no issue about that.”

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  1. Someone should point out to Manafort that there’s also plenty of time for either candidate to make more big mistakes that will hurt their campaigns. I’ve given up using polls to predict election results this year. They are too unstable. Maybe it will settle down around September, when those who never bother paying attention until it’s almost time to vote make their decision.


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