Ayotte: I’ll vote for Trump

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New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte says she can “work with anyone,” and will vote for Donald Trump for president.

“While he has my vote, he doesn’t have my endorsement,” Ayotte told CNN’s Manu Raju Monday. “There’s actually a big distinction. An endorsement is one where I’m out campaigning with someone. I’m going to continue to focus, really, on my race.”

Ayotte said her first priority is the people of New Hampshire, even if that brings her into conflict with Trump or other lawmakers. “Whether I have his endorsement or not, it’s going to be calling it like I see it for the people of New Hampshire,” she said.

Trump initially threatened not to endorse the reelection bids of Ayotte and Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), he later endorse both senators and Speaker Paul Ryan.

Ayotte said she would cooperate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton if she wins the presidency. “Absolutely, but I’ll work with anyone,” Ayotte said.

Ayotte is seen as the most vulnerable Republicans in the race to keep the GOP’s Senate majority.