Van Jones: The Clinton Campaign Took $1 Billion and Set It on Fire

CNN commentator Van Jones blasted the Clinton campaign for wasting money and failing to reach out to minorities and working-class voters during a speech at The People’s Summit in Chicago on Saturday.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign did not spend their money on white workers, and they did not spend it on people of color. They spent it on themselves,” Jones said. “They spent it on themselves, let’s be honest.”:

“They took a billion dollars, a billion dollars, a billion dollars, and set it on fire, and called it a campaign!” Jones continued. “That wasn’t a campaign. That’s not a campaign.”

Jones continued to blast the campaign for spending money on consultants and data analysts who ended up being wrong:

“A billion dollars for consultants. A billion dollars for pollsters. A billion dollars for a data operation, that was run by data dummies who couldn’t figure out that maybe people in Michigan needed to be organized.”

He continued to blast forces in the Democratic Party for fighting over policy:

“And now they want us to fight about whether black folks or white folks or Latinos or any other group should get the money. First of all, you need to give the money back to the people, period. Quit getting rich off of people’s struggles.”