Blumenthal says Trump’s attacks only reinforce desire to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s job, won’t be distracted by tweets.


After President Trump unleashed a barrage of tweets aimed at Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s (D-CT.) after the senator announced he was co-sponsoring a bill that would cement special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and protect him from being fired by the president.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday morning, Blumenthal said he “explain the the president’s obsession with me.”

And eight hours later the president topped of his attacks on Blumenthal with one last tweet:

“I have no idea what’s in the president’s head,” Blumenthal said responding to Mr. Trump’s tweet storm.

“But I can tell you, I’m determined to not be distracted. I think they’re designed to distract. These bullying tweets only reinforce my determination to protect the Special Counsel, because he has used the same tactics in seeking to bully and intimidate the Special Counsel Bob Mueller by drawing red lines and implying conflicts of interest vaguely, unspecifically, and other kinds of tactics that we’re trying to prevent through the legislation that we offered.”

Blumenthal said the legislation would prevent the legislation from firing Mueller, a matter several lawmakers have openly fretted about after Mr. Trump began his attacks on the Special Counsel.