Poll: Almost Half Of Voters Believe News Media Is Making Up Stories About President Trump

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Almost half of voters, 46%, say they believe the news media is making up news stories about President Donald Trump and his administration according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult Poll.

The poll finds that 37% of voters believe the media does not make up news stories and 17% are undecided.

A majority of Republicans, 76%, believe the news media invents stories about Trump, and only 11% do not believe so. And among voters who strongly approve of Trump’s job performance, 85% say the media makes up stories.

Those numbers are significantly different among Democrats, 20% think the news media makes up stories while 65% say they don’t think the media makes up store.

Among independent voters, 44% believe the news media makes up stories and 31% do not.

Trump recently attacked NBC News on Twitter questioning whether the broadcaster’s license should be suspend. Voters mostly reject that idea with just 28% saying the government should have the power to revoke broadcast licenses of major news organizations that it says are fabricating news stories about the president or the administration, 51% say the government should not have that power.

While voters, especially strong supporters of Trump, have become skeptical of the news media, Kyle Dropp, chief research officer and co-founder of Morning Consult, says they still don’t believe the government should be able to punish the media:

“Even 20 percent of Democrats think that the national media fabricate stories on President Trump and his administration. That being said, many are still not willing to let the federal government censor the media.”

The poll was conducted October 12-16 and surveyed 1,991 registered voters and has a margin of error of 2%.