Report: Clinton Foundation Received $8.6 Million During Time of Uranium Deal with Russia.

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A recent report by The Hill on October 17, says the FBI had furnished evidence that Hillary Clinton’s charitable foundation received $8.65 Million between 2008-2010 from Moscow during a deal which gave Moscow rights to 20% of U.S Uranium.

Current and former investors of Uranium One and UrAsia investors gave millions in contributions to the Clinton Foundation while the Russia uranium deal was being brokered.

Uranium One was purchased by Rosatom– a Russian Government nuclear company, which was originally a Canadian company that had mining rights in American mines in Kazakhstan.  The deal was approved after the FBI had uncovered a Russian bribery plot.

An investigation by the Department of Justice found that a former Russian official was convicted of “racketeering scheme” that involved extortion, bribery, money laundering and kickbacks that were both directed by and provided benefit to more senior officials in Russia.

This plot involved the Russian Companies Tenex and Rosatom and resulted in the compromise of a uranium transportation company accepting backend deals in the amount of around $2 million.

Evidence of corruption was known by FBI agents as early as 2009, while the deal was in development, but no formal plea agreement was made until 2011 and 2012 — well after the Committee on Foreign Investments had approved the deal.

What makes things even more interesting is that Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI at the time.  Mueller has since been appointed to head the probe into Russia’s interference in the presidential election. Mueller clearly has experience in the investigation of Russian meddling, but it is unknown why the previous investigation did not result in the halt of the uranium deal with Russia. 

The Hill reported that DOJ slow-walked the investigation. It is not known if President Obama had knowledge of the corruption at the time of the deal.

The FBI would have had a dutiful obligation to provide such information to the Obama Administration amid a deal which forfeits the rights to 20% of the nations uranium.

Nine members of the Obama Administration made the final decision to approve the deal, including Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time.  A spokesman for Mrs. Clinton stated that there was no evidence supporting the claim that she had acted to support the donors to the Clinton Foundation.

The report by The Hill continues to say that key Senate Intelligence Committee members were never notified of the FBI Russian nuclear corruption case during the time of the investigation.

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