Sam Clovis Withdraws Name From Consideration From Agriculture Post Amid Russia Probe Scrutiny

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President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist has withdrawn his name from consideration after his name appeared in court documents from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe

A White House source told CNN that Sam Clovis is in trouble and that his nomination could be pulled soon, or that he will withdraw his name from nomination.

The Washington Post reported that Clovis’ name was mentioned as one of the campaign officials George Papadopoulus, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, shared emails with.

Clovis’ attorney, Victoria Toensing, said that he always “vigorously” opposed any Russian trip for Trump or staff. However,  Toensing said that as a “polite gentleman from Iowa (he) would have expressed courtesy and appreciation,” if a volunteer made a policy recommendation.

Sam Clovis is a former conservative radio talk show host in Iowa and an early supporter of Trump. Following the Iowa Caucus, Clovis rose through the ranks in the Trump campaign and took on a national role.

Clovis was overseeing Papadopoulus during the campaign, which is part of the reason he has been look at in Mueller’s investigation.

A Republican close to Clovis told CNN that he is still loyal to Trump and would not have a problem withdrawing his nomination if the President asked him too.