Nearing The End? Acting AG Says Mueller Probe Is Coming To An End

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Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker indicated during a press conference on Monday that the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is nearing completion:

“I have been fully briefed on the investigation and I look forward to Director Mueller delivering the final report . . . . Right now, you know, the investigation is, I think, close to being completed.”

Whitaker’s comments come just days after Roger Stone, an associate of President Donald Trump and long time political operative, was indicted by Mueller on seven counts including making false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering.

Over the course of the Special Counsel’s investigation, Trump’s lawyers and other associates have predicted that the investigation would end by a certain date, only to see the date come and go.

Mueller still has other cases working through the legal process that he may hand off to U.S. attorneys if he wraps up the investigation into Russian intervention in 2016 election before those cases reach their conclusion.

The Mueller team declined to comment on Whitaker’s comments on the time frame of the investigation.

Even if the of the investigation is in sight, it’s unclear if Whitaker still hold his position when the investigation wraps up.

There are concerns among lawmakers that Mueller’s findings may not be made public by the Justice Department.

The Senate is expected to hold a vote to confirm Bill Barr, President Trump’s nominee for Attorney General. Barr indicated to the Senate Judiciary Committee that a final report by Mueller may not be made public.