Daily Bradlo 2/5/2019

Good morning!

President Trump is scheduled to give his second State of the Union address tonight at 9pm EST.

Here are the top four stories for your Tuesday:

1: Ralph Northam Clings to Office

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is fighting for his career following the release of racist photo in his year book from his medical school was released over the weekend.

The picture shows a man inĀ  black face standing next to someone in a Ku Klux Klan hood. Northam originally admitted to being in the picture, then retracted but specified that he had worn black face a different time.

Over the weekend, top Democrats including Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D), and the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus called for Northam to resign from office.

As of Monday, Northam has told staffers he needs more time to consider his future and asked them not to resign.

2: US Investigating Whether Saudi Arabia Gave Terrorist Groups American Made Weapons

Saudi Arabia gave several terrorist and rebel groups, including al-Qaeda, in Yemen weapons that were made in American, according to a CNN report.

The report also says that the weapons have fallen into the hands of Iranian backed fighters in Yemen fighting coalition forces.

A Defense Department spokesperson confirmed to CNN that the Pentagon is investigating whether the allegations are true. Giving weapons to a third party would violate arms control agreements with Saudi Arabia.

This report comes as U.S.-Saudi Arabia relations have been strained after senior officials in Saudi Arabia’s government ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi last fall.

3: Trump to Nominate Acting Interior Secretary to Serve in Role Officially

President Trump announced on Monday that he will nominate Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhadt to serve in that position officially.

Bernhardt assumed the role after former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke resigned last year amid ethics investigations.

Critics were quick to decry Bernhardt’s nomination saying he is too close to organizations who’s interests run contrary to those of the Interior Department.

4: Senate GOP Warns Trump Against National Emergency Declaration

Senate Republicans on Monday warned Trump about using a national emergency declaration to fund the construction of a border wall.

Congress has until February 15 to come up with a spending bill for the government and a measure on border security. However, Trump has downplayed the notion that Congress will develop a border security measure that he would support and has indicated that is leaning towards declaring a national emergency.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has reportedly warned Trump that the Senate could pass a veto proof resolution blocking his national emergency declaration.