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What is this website?

It is a mixture of news and opinion articles focused on one of my biggest passions – politics. Before I write my opinions and updates, I thought it would be important to provide some background information about myself.

I am currently studying Political Science at Arizona State University. What led me to study political science? In the fall of 2008 I was in junior high school, all I knew was that America was involved in two foreign wars and was in a whole lot of debt. I also knew that whatever the outcome, the election would mark a turning point in America.

Growing up in a Republican household, I instantly decided that McCain was the candidate I wanted to win the presidency. Not knowing a thing about politics I decided to debate my friends who favored then Senator Barack Obama. I lost every debate. I had no facts and no information to substantiate my statements. I wouldn’t say I was humiliated because it was never personal. But these “debates” certainly did affect my decision to delve into the world of politics. The next time I wanted to win.

From 2008 to 2010 I read a lot of news articles about the debt and foreign policy. However, I still didn’t do enough research to win debates. I knew a little more about government and could tell that the midterms were a great deal. I understood why President Obama looked so defeated during his speech after the midterm elections. The American people had elected the other party as the majority in the House of Representatives.

The real research began between 2010 and 2012. I read more news articles, more history books, and more books on policies foreign and domestic. I read about a young senator from Illinois who won the Presidency. I looked into the past of the Republican candidates. I read articles from the left and the right.

In the late 2012, some of my friends told me they were less supportive of President Obama after talking to me. During the spring of 2013, I remember my one friend – former Obama supporter -telling me “I wish Romney won. This wouldn’t have happened. You were right.” What began as an effort to win debates turned into a passion. Now I don’t research to win debates, I do it because I enjoy reading about presidents, foreign policy, domestic policy, reports on the economic crisis, and the seeing the impacts of different policies on life today and in the future.

To this day, I still enjoy sharing political news with my friends and family. Not only do I love sharing the news, I love learning about all the various issues that all levels of government deal with. While I write my stories I have to learn about new topics and that gives me a unique position to be unbiased in my writing. Many of my friends have told me they get a lot of their news from what I post on Facebook. That is my goal with this website. I hope you enjoy my writings and find them informative and feel free to share your thoughts!
-Bradley Cortright