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After Democrat Conor Lamb staged an upset victory in the special election for Pennsylvania’s special election this past Tuesday, Republicans are right to be worried about their prospects for the 2018 midterms and the feared blue wave.

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Republicans may be on track to avoid double digit losses in the House of Representatives and maintain their control of the both chambers of Congress in the mid-term elections.

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The GOP’s tax bill would add $1.7 trillion to the national debt over a decade, and would increase the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio by 5.9%, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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No taxation without representation! Well something like that. The current Republican Congress has officially proposed a new tax system, which for America is a very big deal. Congress has not attempted to revamp the tax system since 1986.

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What an eventful week it’s been, Trump’s former campaign manager was indicted on 12 counts, the Russia investigation took out one of Trump’s nominees for the Agriculture Department, House Republicans unveiled their plan to overhaul the nation’s tax code, and tragically Manhattan experienced its first terrorist attack with fatalities since 9/11.

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House Republicans on Thursday released their long-awaited legislation to overhaul the nation’s tax code, proposing major cuts to corporate and individual tax rates.

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Tax Reform Legislation Set To Be Unveiled Today

Congressional Republicans are expected to unveil their plan to overhaul the nation’s tax code today. On Tuesday night, Republicans announced that they would delay the release of the legislation as they admitted they were still struggling to reach a consensus on the bill.